The deepest part of Awaken Clothing's goal is to spread the message of hope, love and joy that we have found to anyone who is willing to hear it. If one thing that we release on our site or through our merchandise shows you a deeper love, passion or hope that you haven't found elsewhere than we've accomplished something what we've set out to do!

Awaken Clothing is all about respectfully and creatively showing people the joy of life that we've found: both in our faith in Christ - the way that we live our personal lives and the way we display the identity of our companies. We believe, that as people we are meant to step out in the unknown of life at times and make a life that we'll one day look back on and say "I didn't waste it!". Awaken Clothing in short is striving to be a creative resource that people look to and get inspired to live life more fully.

Awaken Clothing Tee Shirts

Awaken Clothing produces all of our merchandise with a high focus on quality first. We use the finest hand selected tee shirt blends and the softest inks that you will ever feel on a shirt!

We have thrived on selling unique tee shirts and small accessories that are limited to small quantities to ensure that our customers have something unique and will more than likely never see on another person!

Awaken Clothing remains at it's roots creatively:

We love to create product design that is simple, classic and casual to wear whether it's the focal point of your outfit or an accent piece to something you already own.

The Awaken Clothing designs often times hold more meaning than just a piece of clothing, most of our designs are inspired by moments - writings or quotes that have moved our hearts and will hopefully do the same for you.

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